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Deal #1

Black Friday Deal

To celebrate Black Friday,

we are offering our own unique

Kompis Gear Cherri Bomb Travel Backpacks

at a steep

50% off!


Use code


At only $37.50 per backpack, you can't beat it!

Stock up on them for all the adventurers on your Christmas list!


The sale will begin Friday, November 25, 2022 at 12:00AM CT and will

end at 11:59PM on Sunday, the 27th, so set an alarm and stay up late or wake up early so you don't miss it!


Cyber Monday Deal

To celebrate Cyber Monday,

we'd like to offer you one of our backpacks for FREE!

That's right, one of our Kompis Gear Cherri Bomb Travel Backpacks will be sent straight to your door at NO COST to you!


How, you ask?


Fill out this form and purchase a travel backpack at full price this Monday ONLY!

"Purchase a backpack?? But you said they would be free!"

We hear you, but we also need to know that you're committed to giving yourself an excellent stress-free vacation next year. No worries! Once your vacation is paid for, you'll get reimbursed for the backpack and we'll send it off so you can take her with you!

We will contact you next week with quotes to the desired destination/s you provided on your form, you'll choose one of our options, put the deposit down when you're ready, and continue to make payments as often as you can. 


Your vacation package would need to be 3 or more nights and would include flights and accommodations.

Purchasing it now just locks in your vacation AND free backpack!


There's no better time to get your vacation/s planned and booked for next year than RIGHT NOW!


If you're planning more than one vacation, take advantage of this deal!

We will send one backpack with EACH 3+ night vacation that gets paid fully!


**We will still require our Booking Fees with all trips booked.**

Deal #2
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