Backpacks ready to be shipped!

Just an update on where our backpacks are!

Kompis Gear has been working diligently this last year to begin to offer a line of travel gear products to take with you on any and all of your adventures in your life. We have put a lot of thought into the design of this travel gear backpack, sketching it over and over, changing little details to make it that much better, switching manufacturers when they couldn't provide the exact vision that Kompis Gear was looking for. We have found our manufacturer, received samples from them, fell in love with it, and, still, yet again, changed some details to make sure it's the best it could be.

[Samples from different manufacturers]

After all of the hours, days, weeks, and months Kompis Gear has been working with this manufacturer, the deposit for the final product was placed (a whole year from when our journey began) for a bulk order of these travel backpacks.

They are now all sewn together, they're all cleaned up, and they're ready to be shipped to our headquarters. We have been taking preorders since we placed our order so, that way, as soon as we get our backpacks in we can begin shipping them out to you!

The manufacturer estimates for us to receive our shipment in 30 to 35 days, so that puts us at around the last week of August/first week of September.

Once you signed up as a member to, you should have received a coupon code in your email. We also sent out an email last week with the coupon code in it. Check your inbox, check your spam! This coupon code allows you to get FREE SHIPPING to you from us. Because the backpacks are going to take longer to get to us, you now have until SEPTEMBER 1st to be able to redeem this coupon code for free shipping, rather than the 1st of August. If you place an order anytime between now and August 31, 2022 11:59pm CT, you will get free shipping to you!

If you haven't received the email with the coupon code for free shipping and you are a site member already, just email us at We'll make sure you get it!

If you have yet to sign up as a member, make sure you do so to receive the coupon code before you place your first order!

Things are taking off now! Before we know it, we'll have a pile of backpacks at our headquarters and we'll be going through our orders to get them out as quick as we can! It's just a waiting game... Always a waiting game... Thank you for joining this journey with us, supporting us, and waiting with us! We are so appreciative of our supporters!



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