Getting so close!

The three manufacturers I have working on samples are finishing them up and should have them ready next week.

After these samples are made, they'll be sent to me so I can inspect them and then approve one of them to be made as the bulk order. I'm creating a Kickstarter to raise funding. Check it out here:

I am raising the funding I need to place a bulk order of backpacks to begin with. It may take longer than anticipated.

I'm looking at a launch date for these probably toward the beginning of December. That's when I should have all the backpacks and be ready to start mailing them out.

If you'd like to pre-purchase the backpacks, I'm looking at a sell price of $75 and will be accepting orders at the beginning of November so we can get these out as quickly as possible! If you become a member on you'll get 25% off your first order! Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Start saving your money if you'd like to get one for someone for Christmas!



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