How to travel cheaper

Updated: May 31

You do not need to be rich to travel! Here are some ways I've found to help you get your traveling needs taken care of without spending a BUNCH of money!

  1. Use Travel Credit Cards for regular every day spending on food, shopping, gas, etc. and you can earn flight points from it! Most cards offer a sign-up bonus of 50,000 points to start you off with! Often times, that's enough for a round-trip right off the bat! If you can sign up for an airline card AND a general rewards card, you can even combine the two for an even cheaper flight!

  2. Be flexible. You'll be able to get a LOT cheaper flights if you aren't specific on the dates or locations. Just enter in Google, Skyscanner, or Momondo your departure airport, and you'll be able to see cheap flights all over the country. In Google, you'll also have to enter a date, but once you find a destination, you can also click on the calendar showing all prices for the different dates and pick the cheapest one!

  3. Think about your network of friends. Do you know someone that lives in another part of the world you'd like to visit? Ask them if you could stay with them a couple nights, and maybe show you around their neck of the woods to find cheap or free things to do there. You can even put a post up - "Looking for a place to travel to. Does anyone know someone who lives in _________?" or "I want to go somewhere new! Would anyone be willing to take me in for a couple days?" The worst that you'll get is no reply, but just put it out there! See who comes forward to offer you a place to stay!

  4. Plan to sleep on board or outside. Plan your flight, train, or bus to go during the night so you can sleep while you're on board instead of paying for an overnight accommodation. If you want to bring a tent or hammock, there's also the option of finding a free or cheap place to camp out for the night, considering the weather won't be too bad.

  5. Stay with locals or in local houses. There's an app call Couchsurfing that allows you to stay with locals wherever you travel - for FREE! It DOES cost $2 a month (or $14 for the year), but that still doesn't compare to a hotel stay! AirBnB also offers cheaper places than hotel stays sometimes. Consider checking out AirBnBs in your area, and, while you're at it, check out the different experiences they offer, as well! Also, offer for people to stay at your home when you're not in town to make some extra money! Another option to stay at local homes in the places you travel to is to housesit or petsit. If you become a member with Trusted Housesitters, you can stay in people's homes while they're on vacation elsewhere to take care of their house or pet while they're away. This option DOES have an annual cost, but it's worth it if you can travel a couple times in the year and stay in someone's home for free - with animals! You can also sign up to have someone watch your house or pets while you're on your vacation.

  6. Use Google or ask around for free things to do in the city. Lots of cities have walking tours (make sure you tip your guide!), movies, outdoor events, museums, and other things you'll be able to participate in for free.

  7. Don't eat out for every meal. Buy ingredients to cook your meals, or consider take-away instead of dine-in restaurants. Check out How to eat like a local to save money on eating locally while you're abroad!

  8. Opt for walking, public transportation, or the country's version of Uber to get around over an overpriced taxi. Stick to Uber or the local equivalent (if you can). Most countries have their own version of Uber these days. For longer distances where you can’t find a bus or train (or if they are overpriced or sold out), consider using BlaBlaCar. It’s like Airbnb for cars. You search for someone driving to your destination and then you pay a small amount to join them. It’s a good choice for both medium and long trips.

That's all I got! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment them here! I'd love to start implementing those, as well! Thanks in advance!!


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