Launching on Kickstarter! Questions and answers

Good morning! I've had some questions about Kickstarter.

So is a website where people put an idea or project that they have to pique interest of other people. People can then follow their project or idea and get notified of it's launch date.

Once the project launches, you would be able to back up the project by pledging money into it. You are NOT sending money to the person with the project when you pledge right away. Once the campaign finishes (I'll be giving mine 60 days), ONLY IF the person with the project reaches their funding goal (I've made mine $5000), THEN the pledges (or followers) will be charged toward the project. If the goal is NOT met, no money gets to the person with the idea or project and they're back at square one.

A lot of the times, the person with the idea has rewards that you can earn to thank you for backing up their idea. My rewards could include a backpack of your own plus extras if you pledge certain amounts toward my goal!

I am planning to sell the backpacks at $75 retail price, so you'd be getting FREE things, helping me get them made, AND getting one before anyone else!

I would appreciate any and all the help I can get with reaching my goal on Kickstarter. That way, I will be able to place the bulk order with the manufacturer and start to get these backpacks made and sent out to everyone.

If money is a little tight at the moment and you aren't able to support this project financially, I ask that you just share my posts with your friends! I will be posting shareable posts that you can put up on your wall or in your groups (if they allow it) over the next few weeks to gain momentum for the launch on Kickstarter. You never know when one of your friends might be looking for a backpack like this. Don't leave them out of ever seeing it!

Here's the link to my Kickstarter project:

Make sure you click "Notify me on launch!"

Thank you for all the support you all have shown me already! I am SO ready to get this thing going! How about you??


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