Outside adventures with kids

Updated: Jul 21

Kids NEED to play outside! Heck, even adults NEED to get outside and play with our kids every now and then! There are so many benefits to playing outside that it'd be difficult to argue against it. See if you can go an entire day without electronics this weekend (yes, that includes your phone/s!).

I've compiled a list of adventures you could do with your kids that wouldn't take much effort and would get all of you outside and wanting to do it more often! Maybe you'll even find a new tradition you'd like to continue to do with your kids!

1. If it's possible, set aside extra time to walk or bike to or from school instead of taking a car or bus. Kids will love this change of scenery, and you will, too! See if you could make it your new mode of transportation.

2. Go on a scavenger hunt - Geocaching or Pokemon hunting are fun, or you can just create a list of nature things (doesn't need to be long) and go for a walk to search for them. Even better, go for a night hike, as well, and observe all the similarities and differences with nature around you between the day and night.

3. Go camping (or "glamping") and spend the night in a real tent (the backyard totally counts!). There's nothing like sleeping under the stars. You can tell stories by a fire (or flashlight), make smores over a flame (or in the microwave), cuddle in a blanket, or lay in a hammock, and just enjoy each other's company.

4. Explore a place you've never been before or during a time you've never thought to go out, like in the rain. Go for a short walk around the corner and explore the woods, forest, park, or shopping center near your home. See what you can find in that new location or during that different time of day that you've never noticed before.

5. Create an obstacle course with simple things - drawn out in chalk on the sidewalk, arranged wood or sticks, random items found in nature or in your house, and see who can go through it quicker.

6. Take a family bike ride. Head to a park if you can fit the bikes in your car. If not, just down the street would be better than nothing!

7. Cook a meal together and eat it outside like a picnic - in a park or in your backyard. No electronic devices allowed! Enjoy the sounds and smells of nature around you.

8. Head to the beach and see how many different things you can discover, or build a sandcastle. On our last adventure we found a fish hiding in seaweed and a crab in the sand!

9. Go for a ride in a canoe or paddleboat. You can even add to the adventure and bring a fishing pole with bait!

10. Lay on the ground and find shapes in the clouds during the day or constellations at night.

On your family adventure, challenge yourself to help your kids engage all of their senses - sight, smell, touch, sound, taste. Point out when you notice the smell of wildflowers (or a skunk!) on the breeze. Point out the different textures of moss or leaves. Some feel wet to the touch, while others are brittle. Observe insects and how different and similar they all are from each other.

Most of all, have FUN with your adventures! Don't put too much pressure on doing what you planned on doing, but rather go with the flow and allow your kids to take the lead if they want!




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