Why use a Travel Agent?

Updated: Sep 20

As a Travel Agent, I can help you plan your next family, friend, or romantic vacation and make it an unforgettable experience! These are just a FEW reasons why you should think about using a Travel Agent to plan your next trip.

1. Save time, stress, & money

Travel Agents get notified first about upcoming sales and current deals from specific destination suppliers that aren’t available to the public. We do all of the research and booking so you don't have to spend time on it. A lot of times, TAs will charge a research fee that may or may not be refundable after your trip, but that wouldn't compare to the time and money spent trying to find the perfect trip for you!

2. You get a more personalized vacation

Travel Agents will often ask you questions about what you're looking in a vacation, what you liked and hated about previous vacations, and what you enjoy doing to make sure we plan the best vacation for you and your family or friends with the unlimited amount of resources we have access to. Even if you aren't sure what you're looking for, we can help you plan it all out. If we aren't specialized in the specific destination or supplier that you're looking for, we also have access to thousands of other Travel Agents that are, so, either way, you'll find the perfect vacation for you!

3. They've got your back

If anything were to happen from the moment you book your trip to the moment you return, you just call your agent and they'll handle it. Whether a flight is canceled or delayed, the hotel missed an important key element that you specifically requested, or you aren't happy with any part of your vacation for whatever reason, your TA will be sure to make it better for you. We're just a phone call away! Added bonus: We can also use our relationships with vendors and partners to get you additional perks sometimes.

4. They have access to resources you don't

Rather than spending hours researching and going around in circles for the exact things you want and trying to get the best deals in multiple locations with 20+ tabs open, TAs know exactly where to go to begin planning your vacation.

5. We are constantly learning

Travel Agents keep up-to-date on any travel updates, restrictions, and current best destinations and dates to travel with different suppliers. You'll have a go-to source any time you have any questions or are ready to get your trip planned. Of course, if you're flexible on dates and destinations, your TA may be able to find you VERY good deals from our partners!

If you've been on the verge of beginning your research for your next vacation, or you're already exhausted from researching different locations, just send me a message and we can begin planning your next trip! We can take it step by step and figure it all out together, or you can give me the basic details and have your vacation be a surprise planned and booked by me.


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